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SUPERGRO 600w240v dimmable electronic ballast

SUPERGRO Electronic Ballast available in 2 versions. 240v 600w HPS/MH lamps 240v 400v 600w Green Power HPS Lamps Features at Glance: Input Voltage: 220/230/240V - 50% 75% 100% and Super Lumens Dimmer Settings - Works on both HPS/MH Lamps - Stabilized output power regardless of input fluctuation - Hot Start Protection Short Circuit ProtectionOpen Circuit Protection - Input Frequency - 50~60Hz - Silent Operation NO FAN to bring moisture dirt and contaminate debris into sensitive electronic part. - Highest quality components sourced from US and Japan � UL and CE certificate � 3 Year Warranty

PRODUCT CODE: SGEB600240 106.00Supergro | Digital Ballast 600w 240v

Supergro 1000w/400v

Supergro 1000w/400v

Futuretech cool compact

Future tech cool compact ballast

PRODUCT CODE: FTB 38.00Future tech | Future Tech 400w 40.00Future tech | Supergro 600w

SUPERGRO 600w 400v 240v Digital ballast

The Phillips Green Power is a legendary lamp with highest PAR and lumens per watt. Until now it use has been limited to Gavita lighting but now we are pleased to announce the SUPERGRO 400v series. This light produces the same performance and more! The same PAR output but with super lumens switch and dimming capability! A true Gavita basher.

PRODUCT CODE: SGB600400 112.00Supergro | SUPERGO 600w 400v digital ballast

SUPERGRO 1000w 400v dimmable digital ballast

SUPERGRO 1000w 400v dimmable digital ballast

PRODUCT CODE: SGB1000400 160.00Supergro | SUPERGRO 1000w 400v digital ballast

Adjusta watt

Digital ballast with variable output designed to give growers ultimate versatility from a single light system. Allows lamps of various wattages to be used simply by adjusting the dial on the unit. Runs 1000w 600w and 400w lamps. Features smart step technology to reduce a lamps power if not all is needed. Will run 400w 600w and 1000w lamps. It also has a built in circuit breaker system to avoid ballast damage in the event of an electrical fault.

PRODUCT CODE: ADWT 135.00Adjusta watt | Adjustable 600w digital ballast 220.00Adjusta watt | Adjustable 1000w digital ballast

Digital sun dimmable ballast

Digital ballast with dimmable facility adjustable from 100%-75%-50%. has super lumens feature enabling 110% from the standard 600w output.

PRODUCT CODE: DIGSUN 120.00Century lighting | 600w digital sun dimmable ballast


Excellent quality metal cased ballast with European components available in various wattages.

PRODUCT CODE: Cor250 Cor400 Cor600 Cor1000 57.00Corona | 250w 60.00Corona | 400w 70.00Corona | 600w 110.00Corona | 1000w
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