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Temperature and humidity are very important for healthy plant growth and can be controlled with a capable fan and fan controller. The heat from the lights is used to maintain an ideal temperature while a fan controller controls humidity and replaces stale air with fresh air and CO2. C02 controllers and TNB Enhancer bottles can provide extra CO2 if neccesary and a quality carbon filter will remove any unwanted odours. 


We sell a range of SMS fan controllers and in-line fans for any situation, as well as co2 controllers and carbon filters from Cann and Rhino. We have been selling these filters for years and feel they are the best in their class. We also have a wide range of ducting and duct fittings, humidifiers and Ona air fresheners.


Y piece

Duct y piece connector available in various sizes

PRODUCT CODE: DTY 10.55Y piece | 100mm 11.00Y piece | 125mm 11.55Y piece | 150mm 14.15Y piece | 200mm 18.90Y piece | 250mm 44.00Y piece | 315mm

Tee piece

Duct T piece connector available in various sizes.

PRODUCT CODE: DTT 6.70Tee piece | 100mm 8.00Tee piece | 125mm 11.15Tee piece | 150mm 16.50Tee piece | 200mm 24.00Tee piece | 250mm 35.00Tee piece | 315mm


Duct reducer connector available in various sizes.

PRODUCT CODE: DTRED 3.55Reducer | 100mm-125mm 5.35Reducer | 125mm-150mm 7.00Reducer | 150mm-200mm 7.15Reducer | 200mm-250mm 10.85Reducer | 250mm-315mm


Duct flange available in various sizes.

PRODUCT CODE: DTFL 3.15Flange | 100mm 3.45Flange | 125mm 4.00Flange | 150mm 5.32Flange | 200mm 6.55Flange | 250mm 7.00Flange | 315mm
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