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Fan Controllers


Temperature and humidity are very important for healthy plant growth and can be controlled with a capable fan and fan controller. The heat from the lights is used to maintain an ideal temperature while a fan controller controls humidity and replaces stale air with fresh air and CO2. C02 controllers and TNB Enhancer bottles can provide extra CO2 if neccesary and a quality carbon filter will remove any unwanted odours. 


We sell a range of SMS fan controllers and in-line fans for any situation, as well as co2 controllers and carbon filters from Cann and Rhino. We have been selling these filters for years and feel they are the best in their class. We also have a wide range of ducting and duct fittings, humidifiers and Ona air fresheners.


SMS single fan controller

The Fan Controller 6.5A allows manual adjustment of any fan type. It has a greater range of control than other types of speed controllers and is Plug&Play so no wiring is needed. When used with the Plug&Play Thermostat, it provides basic temperature control in your room, whilst keeping a constant airflow at all times. When used without the Thermostat, the Fan Controller allows manual adjustment of fan speed. Just plug in your fan and adjust the speed using the dial. When used with the Thermostat, the Fan Controller ensures constant airflow and a constant temperature. You set the extractor fan to a speed that maintains your desired temperature and then set the Thermostat to match this temperature. The fan will remain at your chosen speed unless the temperature exceeds the thermostat setting. If this happens, the fan will automatically switch to 100% until the temperature is corrected. Once corrected, the fan will switch back to your set speed.

PRODUCT CODE: SMSSFC 0.00SMS | Thermosat for single fan controller (OUT OF STOCK) 0.00SMS | Single fan controller 6.5 amp Each (OUT OF STOCK)

SMS Smart fan controller with thermostat

5amp single fan speed controller with thermostat. completely different to the usual controllers. The SMARTCONTROLLER requires 5 minutes to scan your room and make an evaluation for the gradual increase or decrease of your fan. In the course of a cycle it will automatically find the appropriate constant capacity level of the fan to maintain programmed temperature. THIS NEW TECHNIQUE MEANS NO MORE TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATIONS AND FAN NOISE IS KEPT MINIMUM.

PRODUCT CODE: SMSSMART 0.00SMS | SMS smart controller Each (OUT OF STOCK)

Sms twin fan controller

The Twincontroller is software controlled with Motion Flow and not mechanical like other controllers. Therefore, it reacts completely differently to the usual controllers. The Twincontroller requires about 5 minutes to scan your room and make an evaluation for the gradual increase or decrease of your fans. In the course off a cycle it will automatically find the appropriate constant capacity level of the fans to maintain programmed temperature. This new technique means no more temperature fluctuations and fan noise is kept to a minimum.

PRODUCT CODE: SMSTWN 81.00SMS | Twin controller 4.5 amp mk 2 106.90SMS | Twin controller 7 amp mk 2 226.50SMS | Twin controller 14 amp

SMS pro fan controller

SMS pro fan controller. The Twincontroller PRO gives you the same features as the original Twincontroller but has added software that will control humidity during the lights off cycle. The Twincontroller PRO will sense when the lights in the room switch off and automatically switch to another programme that will periodically increase fan speeds to regulate humidity during the dark cycle. When the lights come back on, the Twincontroller PRO switches back to the main programme.

PRODUCT CODE: SMSPRO 139.20SMS | SMS pro 4.5 amp twin controller 178.50SMS | SMS pro 7 amp twin fan controller 248.65SMS | SMS pro 14 amp twin fan controller

GSE fan controllers

The minimum speed controller is a temperature depended speed controller for ventilated rooms with one ore more fans. The minimum speed controller keeps the temperature constantly and impedes to run under the set minimum-speed. It can be easily controlled, adjusting the required temperature and the minimum speed on two knobs.

PRODUCT CODE: GSE 80.00GSE | GSE Single fan controller temp/min speed 105.00GSE | GSE Single fan controller temp/min-max hysterisis 125.00GSE | GSE Twin fan controller temp/min speed negative pressure 155.00GSE | GSE Twin fan controller humidity/temp/min speed/negative pressure

Rhino fan controllers

Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 enables growers to accurately control the air exchange, set desired temperature and maintain negative pressure in the grow room. Better Environment = Better Results. One of the defining factors in successful growing is environment. The Rhino RC-1 reliably and accurately maintains air exchange and airflow in a room enabling your customers to get the most from their plants. The improved Temperature Fan Controller with Underpressure Control RC-1 now makes controlling the temperature in your grow room easier. It controls fans without the massive variations in speed. The improved unit will run smoother, increasing in velocity in 20 second increments, taking warm air out of the room more consistently rather than through significant variations upwards or downwards as per previous models.

PRODUCT CODE: RHINFC 99.00Rhino | Rhino fan controller RC-1

SMS SPC twin controller

SMS SPC twin controller Accurate climate control Adjustable minimum and maximum engine RPM Max. current: 7A 8A fused NTC temperature sensor 5 meter included Easy installation and usage IP54 protection approved Maximum 5000 m

171.00SMS | SMS SPC 7 amp 247.00SMS | SMS SMC 14 amp
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