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IWS systems and spares                     

IWS flood & drain 6 pot

IWS manufacture the finest flood and drain watering systems available. This system enables the novice gardener to become an expert overnight. Can be fine tuned to suit precise needs. It utilises mechanical 15 minute timers with fine tuning minute timers for full control of the growing system. The IWS is a highly developed flood and drain system which works by flooding from the bottom of each individual pot. The pots are made of 3 parts: as stand with a preset height and a 5 degree slope which allows all the water to drain back to the main tank stopping the roots from sitting in water; a base pot with a water tight gland through which the nutrient is delivered and a seperate drain pot with machined holes in the base allowing the flood and drain action.

PRODUCT CODE: IWSFD6 319.00IWS | Flood + drain 6 pot no stands 100L tank 440.00IWS | Flood + drain 6 pot with stands 100L tank

IWS flood & drain 12 pot

IWS flood & drain 12 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSFD12 378.00IWS | Flood + drain 12 pot no stands 220litre tank 527.00IWS | Flood + drain 12 pot with stands 220litre tank

IWS flood & drain 24 pot

flood & drain 24 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSFD24 478.00IWS | Flood + drain 24 pot no stands 220l tank 679.00IWS | Flood + drain 24 pot with stands 220l tank

IWS flood & drain 36 pot

flood & drain 36 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSFD36 611.00IWS | Flood + drain 36 pot no stands 350l tank 868.00IWS | Flood + drain 36 pot with stands 350l tank

IWS flood & drain 48 pot

flood & drain 48 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSFD48 710.00IWS | Flood + drain 48 pot no stands 350l tank 1,020.00IWS | Flood + drain 48 pot with stands 350l tank

IWS deep water 6 pot

Deep water culture is a method of growing that leaves your roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution which causes rapid growth. The iws system is made from high grade recycled plastic and enables simple set up and use for all growers from novice to expert. Comes with an inspection hole in every pot to enable easy checking of your plants.

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDW6 348.00 IWS | DWC 6 pot with 100L tank

IWS deep water 12 pot

IWS deep water 12 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDW12 438.00IWS | DWC 12 pot with 220litre tank

Deep water 18 pot

Deep water 18 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDW18 564.00IWS | DWC 18 pot with 350litre tank

Deep water 24 pot

Deep water 24 pot

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDW24 633.00IWS | DWC 24 pot with 350litre tank

IWS 6 pot drip system

The IWS dripper system utilises the already successful technology of their flood and drain system but uses drippers as its delivery method of nutrients to the plant. The minute timer supplied has been especially designed to run the large pumps used in dripper technology and special stands are supplied for the dripper assemblies. All the pots can be connected to the main controller which will pump away your waste nutrients to the desired location. Uses leading dripper technology allowing 12 flood drippers to run from one location.

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDRP6 450.00IWS | 6 pot system with stands 100L tank

12 pot drip system

12 pot drip system

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDRP12 556.00IWS | 12 pot with stands 220 litre tank

24 pot drip system

IWS 24 pot drip system

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDRP24 779.00IWS | 24 pot with stands 220 litre tank

36 pot drip system

IWS 36 pot drip system

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDRP36 1,048.00IWS | 36 pot with stands 350 litre tank

48 pot drip system

IWS 48 pot drip system

PRODUCT CODE: IWSDRP48 1,270.00IWS | 48 pot with stands 350 litre tank

IWS spares

Additional items to upgrade your IWS system.

PRODUCT CODE: IWSSPARES 1.50IWS | Pot sealing gland 12.00IWS | Additional pot 17.00IWS | Additional pot module
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