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Enhanced spectrum lamp 600w

Supergro enhanced spectrum lamp 600w

PRODUCT CODE: SG240EL 14.99Supergro | Enhanced spectrum lamp 400w 19.99Supergro | Enhanced spectrum lamp 600w

Enhanced spectrum lamp 600w 400v

Supergro 600w 400v enhanced spectrum lamp

PRODUCT CODE: SG400vEL 28.60Supergro | Enhanced spectrum lamp 600w 400v

Super M/H

Supergro Super M/H

PRODUCT CODE: SGSMH 25.00Supergro | Super MH 600w

Enhanced spectrum lamp DE 400v

Supergro 400v DE enhanced spectrum lamp *OUT OF STOCK*

PRODUCT CODE: SGDE 9,999.00Supergro | Enhanced spectrum lamp 1000w DE 400V

Sylvania Grolux

Available in 400w and 600w the versatile grolux dual spectrum bulb covers both the vegetative and flower stages of the plant cycle.

PRODUCT CODE: GLUX 24.00Sylvania | Grolux 400w 28.00Sylvania | Grolux 600w


German made metal halide lamp at an affordable price. Generally used for general growing and the flower stage of the spectrum.

PRODUCT CODE: BLVMH 24.00BLV | BLV 400w metal halide 26.00BLV | BLV 250w metal halide

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum

Dual spectrum lamp used for both vegetative and flower stages.

PRODUCT CODE: SMDS 21.00Sunmaster | Dual spectrum 250w 21.40Sunmaster | Dual spectrum 400w 22.70Sunmaster | Dual spectrum 600w 40.00Sunmaster | Dual spectrum 600w 400v 52.00Sunmaster | Dual spectrum 1000w

Sun pulse digital lamp

Digital lamp for more efficient running.

PRODUCT CODE: SUNPULSE 65.00Sun Pulse | 600w 6.4k 65.00Sun Pulse | 600w 4k 70.00Sun Pulse | 600w 10k

Master T5

Master T5 54w flourescent lamp

PRODUCT CODE: Master T5 3.60Lightwave | T5 24w flourescent lamp 2ft 6.00Lightwave | T5 54w flourescent lamp 4ft

Osram son-T+

Excellent quality son + lamp for the flowering phase of the plant cycle.

PRODUCT CODE: Os250 Os400 Os600 Os1000 20.00Osram | Nav-T 250w 20.50Osram | Nav-T 400w 33.50Osram | Nav-T 600w 42.00Osram | Planstar 600w 400v 56.30Osram | Nav-T 1000w

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe

Sunmaster lamps are proven every day in commercial greenhouses and hydroponic systems. Manufactured and tailored spectral out put to specific plant needs.

PRODUCT CODE: SUNMDLX 30.00Sunmaster | Cool Deluxe 250w 35.00Sunmaster | Cool Deluxe 400w 50.00Sunmaster | Cool Deluxe 600w 65.00Sunmaster | Cool Deluxe 1000w

Solarburst Metal halide

Small plants have different needs to mature plant so the Solar burst metal halide supplies small plants with light emissions from the blue portion of the spectrum between 380nm _ 520mn.

PRODUCT CODE: SMSB 35.00Solarburst | 600w

PL55 propagation lamp

Replacement lamp for pl55 2 way and 4 way propagation light.

PRODUCT CODE: PL55L 8.99PL55 | Each
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