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Mylar offers 90% plus reflectivity and is extremely durable. Ultra Silver Grow Sheet - is the ultimate reflective silver grow sheet, the perfect reflection on a dual layered silver roll. UK MANUFACTURED FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE. NON GASSING GUARANTEED

PRODUCT CODE: MYLAR REFLECTIVE SHEETING 1.50Easy grow | Mylar per 1m 130.00Easy grow | Mylar 100m


Easy Grow Lightite Foil are the Original and the best. Never bettered only poorly copied. Lightite foils are 100% light proof and reflect both light and heat thermals to assist with controlled heat loss. They are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned.

1.80Easy grow | Mylar/white per 1m 180.00Easy grow | Mylar/white 100m

Poly sheild

Mylar offers 90% reflectivity and is extremely durable. Heavy duty version with white backing.PolyShield is a black and silver reflective thermal radiation reflective polypropylene sheet. It has advanced properties through infused metals which give it special properties that are highly reflective, completely light tight and stops infra red heat from being emitted, bouncing it back into the room. Ideal if you need to keep control of your growing environment. All of our high quality reflective sheeting are British Made and will maximise the use of the light in your grow room. Also used to cover floors, walls and ceilings.

PRODUCT CODE: EGPLYSH 1.55Easy grow | Poly shield per 1metre 155.00Easy grow | Poly shield 100 metre
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