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Bio Nova                                       

BN Nutri nova

BN Nutri nova


Hydro super mix

A one component npk fertiliser with edta chelated trace elements. Formulated for use under all conditions where growing and flowering is required.

PRODUCT CODE: BNHYSM 10.75Bio Nova | Hydro Supermix 1L 41.00Bio Nova | Hydro Supermix 5L 150.00Bio Nova | Hydro Supermix 20L

Bio Nova feed schedule

Bio Nova feed schedule


Soil super mix

A complete one component mineral organic nutrient for growing on soil. Used in the growth and flower of the plants

PRODUCT CODE: BNSSM 10.75Bio Nova | Soil Supermix 1L 41.50Bio Nova | Soil Supermix 5L 200.00Bio Nova | Soil Supemix 20L

NFT Aqua supermix

A complete 1 component mineral nutrient for growing on NFT systems. A well balanced nutrient for the growth and flowering phases.

PRODUCT CODE: BNASM 11.95Bio Nova | NFT 1L 45.00Bio Nova | NFT 5L 150.00Bio Nova | NFT 20L

BN pk 13/14

A powerful combination of the important flower triggering minerals. Used by many as an all round booster for the growing as well as the flowering stage.

PRODUCT CODE: BNPK 8.85Bio Nova | PK 13/141 litre 47.50Bio Nova | PK 13/14 5 litre

Missing link

For incredible health and a fast working immune system. Can be applied by foliar spray or at the root zone. When using as a foliar spray it is advisable to use a wetting agent such as freeflow.

PRODUCT CODE: bionovamissing 16.30Bio Nova | Missing link 250ml 46.75Bio Nova | Missing link 1 litre

Coco nova

2 part coco nutrient containing all minerals and trace elements needed for fast flower development on coco fibre.

PRODUCT CODE: BNCOCO 9.90Bio Nova | BN Coco 1L 27.99Bio Nova | BN Coco 5L

Bn bioforte

A powerful plant strengthener which combats diseases fungi and insects. Contains a special combination of potassium and phosphor. Has no side effects and gives a healthy increased yield.

PRODUCT CODE: BNBF 10.25Bio Nova | Bio forte 250ml 35.65Bio Nova | Bio forte 1 litre

BN zym

Breaks down plant waste material into uptake elements before fungi get the chance to develop. The main enzyme is cellulase.

PRODUCT CODE: bionovazym 13.45Bio Nova | BNzym 1 litre 61.35Bio Nova | BNzym 5L

Bio roots

Apply when planting or repotting for optimal root development and stress resistance. Because of the renewed formulation it can now be used in drip emitter systems.

PRODUCT CODE: BNROOTS 15.40Bio Nova | BN roots 250ml 52.45Bio Nova | BN roots 1 litre

BN x-cel

A professional booster ready to be combined with our other bio nova products to boost yield as well as quality of any treated crop. Contains fermented algae and herbs blended with fulvic and humic substances.

PRODUCT CODE: BNXCEL 10.40Bio Nova | BNXcel 250ml 27.70Bio Nova | BNXcel 1L 128.00Bio Nova | BNXcel 5L
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