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Canadian Xpress                        

Ultimate Hydro

Xpress Hydro contains the full spectrum of trace elements-over sixty fertility keys to keep unlocking the production potential of your plants. Whatever you do, do not underestimate the importance of these minor elements.

PRODUCT CODE: CXHY 11.70Canadian Xpress | Hydro bloom 1L 11.70Canadian Xpress | Hydro grow 1L 43.50Canadian Xpress | Hydro grow 5L 43.50Canadian Xpress | Hydro bloom 5L

Ultimate Coco

A 2 part nutrient specially formulated for use in coco substrates providing all the essential nutrients needed for healthy plant development. Available in both grow and bloom.

PRODUCT CODE: CXCOCO 11.70Canadian Xpress | Coco bloom 1L 11.70Canadian Xpress | Coco grow 1L 43.50Canadian Xpress | Coco bloom 5L 43.50Canadian Xpress | Coco grow 5L

Regena root

Regen-A-Root has been developed by our agronomist who has over 30 years of horticultural experience in production and consultation. If you want to look after your roots zones then consider Regen-A-Root as the best product for that job. Why look after roots The roots are often out of sight out of mind and easy to forget because you dont see them. Too often things will go wrong in the root zone before you realize but with Regen-A-Root, you can grow with confidence. Regen-A-Root will look after your root zone so you dont have to. You dont have to worry about any root problems throughout the entire growing cycle. Just add 1ml Regen-A-Root litre of nutrient solution at every solution change and top up. It should be used in every system from cloning to harvest for unrivaled results.

PRODUCT CODE: CANXRR 14.25Canadian Xpress | Regena root 1L 57.00Canadian Xpress | Regena root 5L

Head masta

Head Masta, nutrients for flowering, acts in four ways to increase both yield and quality. Firstly, it simulates an internal plant hormonal signal that induces increased flower formation and additional flowering sites. Secondly, it pumps plant cells full of extra vitamins and minerals required by the plant to convert excess light and nutrients into the highest quality proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates. These plant made quality factors are produced way beyond normal levels and are the key to your increased quality. The third effect is to pump the flower cells with weight producing silicon and finally it increases the plants desire for potassium to a point where the plant becomes bound to the luxury consumption of this important yield enhancer.

PRODUCT CODE: CANXHM 13.75Canadian Xpress | Head master 1L 54.85Canadian Xpress | Head master 5L

Superior potash

Are you looking for heavier flowers? Youve grown your crop through the vegetative stage and now you are ready to turn the lights down and let it begin its flowering stage. It is now, after the framework of the plant has been set during the vegetative period, that there is a massive surge in the plants requirement for more potassium to develop flowers. It is at this point that potassium in the solution can drop to critical levels. Plants are very adaptable, however and in the case of lowered potassium availability, will simply slow down their growth rate to match the available potassium. However, who wants the growth rate to slow down? It just means a smaller crop. And who wants to be changing their solution every couple of days just to make sure that there is enough potassium in it? The answer is Superior Potash. Manufactured to exacting standards using our exclusive Hot Mix technology, Superior Potash will give you the peace of mind of knowing that the product is of the highest

PRODUCT CODE: CANXPOT 16.55Canadian Xpress | Superior potash 1L 66.00Canadian Xpress | Superior potash 5L

Mighty grow

Use for boosting nitrogen levels and to promote strong vegetative growth. Low nitrogen means low chlorophyll which the plant needs to absorb nutrients efficiently. Your plants will look greener and healthier than ever.

PRODUCT CODE: CANXMT 12.95Canadian Xpress | Essential nitro 1L 47.60Canadian Xpress | Essential nitro 5L

Wilt guard

When growing indoors your plants are entirely dependent on you for all its nutritional requirements. One of the major issues is root disease. The roots virtually stop growing once the flower stage is reached so they need to be kept in a healthy condition so that the plant can concentrate its energy on flower production. Has a high potassium content which is responsible for regulating water loss and strengthening the osmotic pressure.

PRODUCT CODE: CANXWILT 17.90Canadian Xpress | Wilt guard 1L 72.00Canadian Xpress | Wilt guard 5L

Spotless concentrate

Spotless concentrate is used for pest control and cleaning plants. Completely safe to humans and animals. The most serious pest you are likely to see is the spider mite so called because in large infestations they spin webs on the plant. Left untreated they will quickly destroy your crop. Organic based non-toxic and highly effective.

PRODUCT CODE: canadianspray 14.99Canadian Xpress | Spotless concentrate 20ml 10,000.00Canadian Xpress | Spotless concentrate 1L

Bio balancer

Used for combatting disease and increasing nutrient uptake.Contains micro-organisms and good bacteria for a healthy substrate and root system.

PRODUCT CODE: canadianbalancer 17.35Canadian Xpress | Bio balancer 1L 69.50Canadian Xpress | Bio balancer 5L
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