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Canna start

CANNA Start is a balanced one-part nutrient for seedlings and (rooted) cuttings. CANNA Start can be used on various substrates like rock-wool plugs, coco pellets, jiffy plugs, seedmixes and most other propagation media, except re-circulating systems and clone machines.

PRODUCT CODE: CANST 8.80Canna | Canna start 1L 34.66Canna | Canna start 5L

Canna hydro

A complete 2 part nutrient for fast growing plants. Specially designed for run to waste hydroponic systems. Available in grow and bloom

PRODUCT CODE: CANHYDRO 11.35Canna | Hydro Vega 1L 12.10Canna | Hydro Flores 1L 30.90Canna | Hydro Vega 5L 31.20Canna | Hydro Flores 5L 54.40Canna | Hydro Vega 10L 55.99Canna | Hydro Flores 10L

Canna feed schedule

Canna feed schedule for Hydro



Canna coco gives unrivalled results when using coco substrate. It combines the tolerant nature of soil with the precision of rockwool. Only one unique formulation for both grow and bloom phase.

PRODUCT CODE: CANCOCO 12.85Canna | Coco 1L 36.85Canna | Coco 5L 59.00Canna | Coco 10L

Canna feed schedule

Canna feed schedule for Coco


Canna Aqua

A professional fast working nutrient for fast growing plants on recycling hydroponic systems.maintains ph at 5.2-6.2. Also contains silicon humic and fulvic acids

PRODUCT CODE: CANNAQUA 11.99Canna | Aqua Flores 1L 11.99Canna | Aqua Vega 1L 34.55Canna | Aqua Flores 5L 34.55Canna | Aqua Vega 5L 56.70Canna | Aqua Flores 10L 56.70Canna | Aqua Vega 10L

Canna feed schedule

Canna feed schedule for Aqua


Canna Terra

CANNA Terra Vega is a complete professional nutrient for the growing phase of plants. It is specially developed for growing in pots or potting mix and can be used for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

PRODUCT CODE: CANTERRA 11.30Canna | Terra Flores 1L 11.30Canna | Terra Vega1L 31.55Canna | Terra Flores 5L 31.55Canna | Terra Vega 5L 52.70Canna | Terra Flores 10L 52.70Canna | Terra Vega 10L

Canna feed schedule

Canna feed schedule



Breaks down dead plant remains in the medium providing better aeration in the medium and nourishes the plant with the elements that are released.

PRODUCT CODE: cannazym 15.99Canna | Cannazym 1L 70.00Canna | Cannazym 5L


A vitalising seaweed extract that promotes root growth. Rich in vitamins and trace elements rhizitonic ensures cuttings take root quickly and easily form roots throughout the medium. Also increases plants general resistance level.

PRODUCT CODE: cannarhizo 11.90Canna | Rhizotonic 250ml 29.90Canna | Rhizotonic 1L 126.00Canna | Rhizotonic 5L

Boost accelerator

Stimulates the development of newly formed flowers improves quality and increases yield. Can be used with all watering systems. Can also be used as a leaf spray.

PRODUCT CODE: cannaboost 22.75Canna | Boost accelerator 250ml 59.60Canna | Boost accelerator 1L 213.00Canna | Boost accelerator 5L


Has a stimulating and resistance increasing effect on the root environment and chitinase production of the plant resulting in a better root development more root hairs and increased excretion of enzymes and hormones

PRODUCT CODE: cannaactriv 13.99Canna | Actrivator

PK 13/14

Contains minerals to stimulate flowering and increase yield by giving extra food to the plant flowering cells. Can be used in all watering systems.

PRODUCT CODE: CANPK 3.99Canna | PK 13/14 250ml 9.20Canna | PK 13/14 1L 45.65Canna | PK 13/14 5L


An additive to clean substrate and plants from any excess nutrient. Cleans without killing useful bacteria or beneficial fungi. Used just before harvest to ensure a clean and tasteful yield.

PRODUCT CODE: CANFLUSH 9.50Canna | Flush 1L 35.40Canna | Flush 5L

Mono nutrients

Solve deficiency problems with the complete canna mono nutrient range consisting of calcium nitrogen magnesium oxide potassium phosphorous and iron.

PRODUCT CODE: cannamono 10.99Canna | FE 1L 10.99Canna | P 1L 10.99Canna | K 1L 10.99Canna | MGO 1L 10.99Canna | N 1L 10.99Canna | Ca 1L
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