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Dutch Pro                                 

Hydro/coco a+b

Dutch pro grow and bloom feeds are proven to be perfect for hydro and coco methods. This product has all the essential macro and micro growth nutrients necessary for exuberant growth.

PRODUCT CODE: DPHYDROCO 11.45Dutch Pro | Hydro/Coco A+B bloom 1L 11.45Dutch Pro | Hydro/coco A+B Grow1L 26.15Dutch Pro | Hydro/coco A+B Grow 5L 26.15Dutch Pro | Hydro/coco A+B Bloom 5L 41.50Dutch Pro | Hydro Coco A+B Bloom 10L 41.50Dutch Pro | Hydro/Coco A+B Grow 10L 77.00Dutch Pro | Hydro/Coco A+B Bloom 20L

Dutch pro schedule

Dutch Pro Hydro schedule


Soil a+b

A complete grow and bloom feed purposely designed for soil. This product has all the essential macro and micro nutrients necessary for exuberant growth.

PRODUCT CODE: DPSOIL 11.45Dutch Pro | DP Soil bloom 1L 11.45Dutch Pro | DP Soil grow 1L 26.15Dutch Pro | DP Soil bloom 5L 26.15Dutch Pro | DP Soil grow 5L 41.50Dutch Pro | DP Soil bloom 10L 41.50Dutch Pro | DP Soil grow 10L 77.00Dutch Pro | DP Soil bloom 10L

Dutch Pro schedule

Dutch Pro soil schedule



Explode is a brilliant bloom stimulator that delivers precious nutrients and minerals to your plants throughout the flowering stage. Consisting of micronutrients vitamins and acids it does exactly as the name suggests-explosively driving flowering growth and bigger yields in addition to increased disease resistance. Suitable for all watering systems.

PRODUCT CODE: dutchex 26.65Dutch Pro | Explode 250ML 68.00Dutch Pro | Explode 1L 293.80Dutch Pro | Explode 5L

Take root

Take root is a growth stimulant capable of radically improving the inner and outer qualities of young plants. The active components are of natural origin including several plant hormones and mocronutrients. These combine to boost cellular division cell elongation and nutrient transport- all of which help with overall root development during early vegetative growth. In addition to this take root also slows down the ageing process for prolonged good health. Can be used with all watering systems.

PRODUCT CODE: dutchtake 18.25Dutch Pro | Take root 250ml 46.35Dutch Pro | Take root 1L 186.00Dutch Pro | Take root 5L

Leaf green

Giving plants a healthy and vital appearance leaf green is especially recommended for those that have noticeable difficulties during their early development. After application it will turn plants with yellowish discolouring a far more attactive and fresh looking green colour whilst also helpfully improving nutrient uptake.

PRODUCT CODE: DPLG 7.80Dutch Pro | Leaf green 1L 27.90Dutch Pro | Leaf green 5L

Keep it clean

Free your drip system from blockages and maintain the best working conditions possible with keep it clean. This plant friendly cleaning agent removes and prevents algae and bacterial slime whilst also inhibiting growth of fungi. Long term preventative use ensures top results. Suitable for all irrigation systems.

PRODUCT CODE: DPKC 8.75Dutch Pro | Dutch Pro | Keep it clean 250ml 22.15Dutch Pro | Keep it clean 1L 87.50Dutch Pro | Keep it clean 5L

Multi total

Multi total aids the key processes necessary for turning organic material from dead plant matter into beneficial nutrients. It sparks off significant root growth by improving soil structure and promotes nutrient producing bacterial life in the substrate. Incredibly you will find that multi total stimulates the cationic exchange of minerals and micronutrients and improves resistance against fungi and stress situations. All this from only one product? You better believe it!

PRODUCT CODE: dutch multi 8.75Dutch Pro | Multi total 250ML 22.15Dutch Pro | Multi total 1L 87.50Dutch Pro | Multi total 5L
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