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PH & CF Accessories


Ph buffer solutions have a known ph value and are used to calibrate your ph meter. A buffer 7 solution will fix your ph at neutral.

PRODUCT CODE: phbuffer 2.20Growth technology | Buffer 10 300ml 2.20Growth technology | Buffer 7 300ml 2.20Growth technology | Buffer 4 300ml 6.30Growth technology | Buffer 10 1L 6.30Growth technology | Buffer 7 1L 6.30Growth technology | Buffer 4 1L

Conductivity standard

A conductivty standard solution with a known electrical conductivity used for checking and calibrating ec meters.

PRODUCT CODE: condstandard 2.20Growth technology | Conductivity standard 2.76 250ml 2.20Growth technology | Conductivity standard 1.41 250ml

Probe cleaner

Extend the life and accuracy of your ph meter by using the ph probe cleaner. The storage is handy for when the probe is not being used.

PRODUCT CODE: probecleaner 5.00Growth technology | Probe refill and storage 250ml 5.00Growth technology | Probe cleaner 250ml

PH test kit

Kit for testing the ph value of solutions.

PRODUCT CODE: phtestkit 4.00PH test kit | Ph 6.00 - 7.6
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