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Plant Magic                                                   

Coco A&B

The coco range has been designed to produce rapid healthy growth. the bloom formula is designed to give large solid fruit sets. Contains all the typical npks and trace elements to ensure maximum ease of uptake by the plant.

PRODUCT CODE: PMCOCO 13.30Plant Magic | Coco bloom 1L 13.30Plant Magic | Coco grow 1L 37.60Plant Magic | Coco bloom 5L 37.60Plant Magic | Coco grow 5L

Plant Magic schedule

Plant Magic coco schedule


Hydro A+B

Hydro A+B nutrient

PRODUCT CODE: PMHY 11.90Plant Magic | Plant magic hydro bloom 1L 11.90Plant Magic | Plant magic hydro grow 1L 34.50Plant Magic | Plant magic hydro bloom 5L 34.50Plant Magic | Plant magic hydro grow 5L

Plant Magic schedule

Plant Magic Hydro schedule


Soil A+B

The plant magic soil range has been developed to promote fast growing healthy strong and high yielding plants. Contains humates trace elements calcium and magnesium vital in the fast uptake of nutrients.

PRODUCT CODE: PMSOIL 9.90Plant Magic | Plant Magic soil bloom 1L 9.90Plant Magic | Plant Magic soil grow 1L 32.60Plant Magic | Plant Magic soil bloom 5L 32.60Plant Magic | Plant Magic soil grow 5L

Plant Magic schedule

Plant Magic schedule for soil


Old timers soil nutrient

Unique formula derived from plant material having the correct proportion of npks to ensure a healthy crop. Feeds beneficial fungi and micro organisms for a happy thriving growing medium.

PRODUCT CODE: PMOT 8.65Plant Magic | Old timers grow 1L 9.35Plant Magic | Old timers bloom 1L 32.50Plant Magic | Old timers grow 5L 38.55Plant Magic | Old timers bloom 5L

Plant Magic schedule

Plant Magic schedule for Old timer


Bio wetter

An organic wetting agent extracted from the yucca lant. This wetter contains natural bio stimulants and water tension breaking saponins. When used as a foliar it actively stimulates all micro life in the plant helping with the absorption of trace elements increasing plant health.

PRODUCT CODE: PMBW 17.35Plant Magic | Bio wetter 250ml

Veg boost

A beneficial booster for the veg stage. Once used top end growth explodes and grows very rapidly.

PRODUCT CODE: magicvegboost 5.40Plant Magic | Veg boost 120ml 9.90Plant Magic | Veg boost 250ml 26.80Plant Magic | Veg boost 1L

Bloom boost

Bloom boost is a pk 13/14 booster for fruiting crops. Also contains nitrogen enhancing flavours and increasing health.

PRODUCT CODE: PNBB 5.50Plant Magic | Bloom boost 500ml 10.15Plant Magic | Bloom boost 1L 30.00Plant Magic | Bloom boost 5L


Aids removal of excess nutrients from the plant sap as well as removing metallic tastes to improve flavours and aromas from your fruiting crops.

PRODUCT CODE: magicflush 11.60Plant Magic | Plant magic flush 1L 42.80Plant Magic | Plant magic flush 5L

Essence starter kit

A bioculture containing over 20 strains of beneficial micro-organisms to re-establish balanced bio activity. The main use for essence is to form an effective barrier against fungi trying to attack your crop. also good for leaf infections mildw and botrytis. Can be used throughout the grow and bloom periods.

PRODUCT CODE: magicessence 16.99Plant Magic | Essence starter kit


A granular innoculant made from fungi bio stimulants and over 20 strains of micro-organisms all working to create an abundance of micro life within the medium.the fungi unlocks certain elements in the medium notably phosphorous and iron. Stimulates root development.

PRODUCT CODE: PMGR 14.60Plant Magic | Granules 350g 27.15Plant Magic | Granules 700g

Bio silicon

Uniquely formulated for soil/compost applications. Contains a blend of humic and silicate to ensure maximum availability. Strengthens cell walls resulting in increases in stem size and overall plant strength. Optimises sugar production increasing flavour and yield.

PRODUCT CODE: PMCAT 9.90Plant magic catalyst | Bio silicon 250ml 26.80Plant magic catalyst | Bio silicon 1L

Root stimulator

Stimulates biological activity around the root zones leading to explosive healthy strong root development. Main ingredients are high quality humate amino acids and seaweed. Releases hormones and vitamins enabling the plant to grow stronger.

PRODUCT CODE: PMRS 10.15Plant Magic | Plant magic root stim 500ml 18.00Plant Magic | Plant magic root stim 1L 66.30Plant Magic | Plant magic root stim 5L


EVOLUTION has an abundance of benefits for your plants; improved photosynthesis leading to rapid vertical growth, healthier plants, more fruit sets (leading to better yields) and an improved root structure is just a fraction that can be achieved using this unique formula.

PRODUCT CODE: PMEVO 10.20Plant Magic | Evolution 500 ml 18.35Plant Magic | Evolution 1L 55.00Plant Magic | Evolution 5L

Cal Mag

Magne-Cal + works alongside the PK to aid with the uptake of these vital elements as well as giving the plant a surge of trace elements. As the demand for Phosphorus and Potassium increases so does the demand for Magnesium and Calcium. It is vital to have the correct ratio which Magne-Cal + has.

PRODUCT CODE: PMCALM 7.65Plant Magic | Cal Mag 500ml 14.99Plant Magic | Cal Mag 1L 56.30Plant Magic | Cal Mag 5L


Plant Magic CATALYST is a 100% organic seaweed extract. CATALYST will aid you to grow stronger, healthier plants, fruit and vegetables. Regular use will improve resistance to stress and diseases.

PRODUCT CODE: PMCAT 12.35Plant Magic | Plant magic catalyst 250ml 43.55Plant Magic | Plant magic catalyst 1L
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