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Plagron has been a reliable supplier of top quality organic nutrients and mediums for over 20 years. What started as a small worm farm has developed into a leading international company with a wide range of organic nutrients, stimulants and substrates . Plagron is a brand trusted by many customers all over the world.


Grotech is a major supplier of Plagron with large stocks off all there products such as


Light mix, Grow mix, All mix, Royal mix, Bat mix, Coco fibre, Clay pebbles and Rock wool mix.


We are very competetive on price especially pallets.


Cutting soil

Good quality soil for planting seedlings and cuttings. Comes in a 25 litre bag.

PRODUCT CODE: CUTSOIL 9.55Plagron | Cutting soil 25L

Jiffy compressed coco plug

Jiffy Plugs are used around the world as an organic alternative to Grodan Cuttings Seed Cubes. Made entirely from compressed peat, simply add water to these 38mm compressed plugs and watch them swell up ready for your cuttings or seedlings. Providing enough nutrients to get your young plants going, Jiffy Plugs are a fantastic rooting medium that prove extremely easy to use.

PRODUCT CODE: cocoplug 0.07Jiffy coco plug | 35mm

Jiffy compressed compost plug

As used by professional nurseries worldwide, just add water and these flat, dry pellets will swell to 24mm diameter by 42mm wide to provide an ideally balanced medium for individual seeds.

PRODUCT CODE: compostplug 0.10Jiffy compost plug | Jiffy plug 41mm 6.00Jiffy compost plug | Jiffy plug 41mm tray of 60

Rockwool propagation cubes

Rockwool propagation cubes in handy tray form.

PRODUCT CODE: rockprop 7.00SBS cube | SBS 36mm 77 tray 7.00SBS cube | SBS 27mm 150 tray

Root riot propagation cube

Organic plant starter cubes for seeds and cuttings.

PRODUCT CODE: rootriotcube 6.00Root riot cube | 36mm x 24 tray 17.00Root riot cube | 36mm x 100 bag

Clonex rooting gel

Contains vital hormones required for root cell development.

PRODUCT CODE: CLONEX 5.95Clonex | 50ml
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