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X-streme aero propagators

X-Stream propagators are designed to maximise production of young plants with visible abundent roots.

PRODUCT CODE: xtraero 48.50Xtreme | 12 plant Xtreme aero propagator 67.50Xtreme | 20 plant Xtreme aero propagator 88.00Xtreme | 40 plant Xtreme aero propagator 165.00Xtreme | 120 Xtreme plant aero propagator

ROOT!T Propagators

The ROOT!T large propagator lid and the ROOT!T large propagator tray are not only great value their lightweight design means that they have many uses.

PRODUCT CODE: RITPROP 3.00ROOT!T | propogator tray 5.00ROOT!T | propogator lid 8.00ROOT!T | propogator

Garland hi dome propagator

Garland hi dome propagator

PRODUCT CODE: hidome 4.50Garland | Hi dome propagator small 7.00Garland | Hi dome propogator large 15.00Garland | Hi dome propagator XL

Stewart Propagators

This propagator produces ideal conditions for growing cuttings and seedlings . It has humidity and air temperature control a clear cover a durable base tray

PRODUCT CODE: STWTHPROP 8.00Stewart | Stewart medium propagator 17.00Stewart | Stewart large propagator

Stewart Heated propagators

This Heated propagator produces ideal conditions for growing cuttings and seedlings using a 22W long life economical heater. It has humidity and air temperature control a clear cover a durable base tray and fitted plug Thermostatically set to maintain 19°C at the root zone. Ideal for smaller scale growers.

PRODUCT CODE: garhprop 23.00Stewart | Medium heated propogator 35.99Stewart | Large heated propogator 90.00Stewart | Large heated propagator with adjustable thermostat

Big 3 heated propagator

The largest injection-moulded electric propagator, the Garland Big 3 features three thermostatically controlled propagating units for raising seeds or cuttings in volume.

PRODUCT CODE: B3HP 79.00Garland | Big 3 heared propagator

Big single heated propagator

Big single heated propagator

PRODUCT CODE: BSHP 57.50Garland | Big single heated propagator

Xtreme heated propagator

Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. Desired temperature is set - to within 1°C - using the digital thermostat. The thermostat probe is placed inside the propagator to read and maintain the desired temperature.

PRODUCT CODE: xtreme 37.00Xtreme | Large propogator lid 134.00Xtreme | Large heated propogator with thermostat
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