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Advanced Nutrients                 

Big Bud

Big bud is a powerful bloom booster that will produce larger healthier fruits. Increases production of essential oils aromatics terpenoids and other potency factors. Contains potassium and phosphorous among other elements for healthy heavy yielding plants.

PRODUCT CODE: bigbud 29.60Advanced Nutrients | Big Bud 1 litre 118.00Advanced Nutrients | Big Bud 5 litre


Better harvests and increased fruit production can easily be achieved when using Overdrive. Increases nutrient uptake in the plant leading to bigger healthier plants. Enhances internal floral structures and compounds for improved aroma taste and potency.

PRODUCT CODE: overdrive 25.65Advanced Nutrients | Big Bud 1 litre 98.75Advanced Nutrients | Big Bud 5 litre


A vitamin b formula that increases plant yield. Vitamin b5 is essential for fundamental cellular processes.

PRODUCT CODE: B52 31.50Advanced Nutrients | B53 1 litre 118.70Advanced Nutrients | B52 4 litre

Bud Candy

Get a larger flower with more taste aroma and resins when you use Bud candy. Contains sugars amino acids and vitamins to promote healthy growth both in the root system and the main body.

PRODUCT CODE: budcandy 49.40Advanced Nutrients | Bud candy 1 litre 138.50Advanced Nutrients | Bud candy 5 litre


Contains beneficial fungi that are important for healthy root systems. Maximises root mass so that the plant can achieve optimum efficiency in both the grow and bloom phase.

PRODUCT CODE: pirahna 47.80Advanced Nutrients | Pirahna 130grams


Excellent crop protection system from advanced nutrients that will gaurd against wilting and discoloured leaves from stress and malnourishment. Also effective against diseases and pests. When your plants look in real danger feed them revive to bring them back to full health.

PRODUCT CODE: revive 25.65Advanced Nutrients | Revive 1 litre 98.90Advanced Nutrients | Revive 4 litre

Bud blood

Bug blood is a bloom stimulator that will protect your plants and reduce potential crop losses. Will multiply the number of bloom sites on your plants. In turn those bloom sites will pop out bigger heavier and healthier fruit.

PRODUCT CODE: budblood 16.15Advanced Nutrients | Bud blood 40grams

Hammerhead pk 4/10

A pk formula with the correct bloom stimulating ratio for growing indoor plants. Will increase yield size in days. Can be used in weeks 3-5 of the bloom phase when used in conjunction with other stimulators or for the 1st 6 weeks if used on its own.

PRODUCT CODE: hammerhead 19.50Advanced Nutrients | Hammer Head 1 litre 65.10Advanced Nutrients | Hammer Head 5 litre

Carbo load 1litre

Every cellular process in your plant requires energy. This energy is fuelled by carbohydrates. Sometimes at around halfway through the bloom cycle plants can lock up. This is usually because the plant has used up all the available carbohydrates getting to that point. Using Carboload will cure this lock up problem.

PRODUCT CODE: carboload 15.75Advanced Nutrients | Liquid Carboload 1litre 57.30Advanced Nutrients | Liquid Carboload 5 litre
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