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Fox Farm  

Beastie Bloomz

A high phosphorous soluble fertiliser that is geared towards building amazing buds and flowers. The micronutrient pack is designed to make unbelievable bud density meaning fat healthy dense blossoms. Promotes colouring and lengthens the blooming period.

PRODUCT CODE: FFBBZ 45.00Fox Farm | Beastie bloomz 0.45kg 80.00Fox Farm | Beastie bloomz 0.9kg

Cha Ching

A high phosphorous fertiliser that leaves no residue or build up in the soil. Includes all the vital micronutrients needed for healthy plant growth. Creates juicy robust fruit with essential oils and resins pumping out of stems and leaves.

PRODUCT CODE: FFCHCG 45.00Fox Farm | Cha ching 0.45kg 80.00Fox Farm | Cha ching 0.9kg

Open Sesame

A high in phosphorous soluble fertiliser that is designed to bring plants into bloom at your command. Provides the optimal level of nutrition with minimal build of salts and other residues. Whether working in hydro systems or pots open sesame will go to work at the root zone delivering nutrients where and when the plant needs them most.

PRODUCT CODE: FFOS 45.00Fox Farm | Open sesame 0.45kg 80.00Fox Farm | Open sesame 0.9kg
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