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Plagron has been a reliable supplier of top quality organic nutrients and mediums for over 20 years. What started as a small worm farm has developed into a leading international company with a wide range of organic nutrients, stimulants and substrates . Plagron is a brand trusted by many customers all over the world.

Grotech is a major supplier of Plagron with large stocks off all there products such as

Light mix, Grow mix, All mix, Royal mix, Bat mix, Coco fibre, Clay pebbles and Rock wool mix.

We are very competetive on price especially pallets.


Light mix

A lightly fertilised soil ideal for potting small plants and rooting cuttings. It can also be used for growing and flowering plants to full maturity using plagron nutrients. This gives the grower more control over feeding compared to fully fertilised soils. PH = 5.5 - 6.5 EC value = 1.2

PRODUCT CODE: LIGHTMIXx1 8.40Plagron | Light mix 50L x 1 478.80Plagron | Light mix 50L x 60

Grow mix

A medium fertilised soil supplying young plants with 3 weeks of food depending on the size of the pot and the plant. Ideal for growing plants to good size ready for flower. Best used with plagron nutrients and stimulants. PH = 5.5 - 6.5 EC value = 1.4 - 1.6

PRODUCT CODE: GROWMIX 10.05Plagron | Grow mix 50L x 1 525.11Plagron | Grow mix 50L x 55


Coco is a biological substrate without nutrients for hydrological cultivation. It is extremely light with good aeration and being nutrient free it allows more control over nutrition in the grow and bloom stages. Added trichoderma ensures a healthy root system and this makes it excellent for rooting cuttings.

PRODUCT CODE: COCOSMEDIUM 10.45Plagron | Coco 50L x 1 595.65Plagron | Coco 50L x 60

Coco/pebbles 50/50 mix

Coco and Euro pebbles 50/50 mix. I deal for Auto pot systems,

PRODUCT CODE: CP50 13.25Plagron | Coco pebbles 50/50 mix x 1 629.38Plagron | Coco pebbles 50/50 mix x 50

Royal mix

A heavily fertilised soil containing 6 weeks of food some of which is time released and available later on. Made from the best quality airy natural fibres. It is possible to complete a harvest with no additional nutrients. Not for rooting cuttings. PH = 6.0 - 7.0 EC value = 1.8 - 2.2

PRODUCT CODE: ROYALMIX 13.45Plagron | Royalty mix 50L x 1 687.97Plagron | Royalty mix 50L x 55

Bat Mix

Heavily fertilised soil with added bat guano to improve taste in flowering plants. Contains enough food for 6 weeks so plants can be flowered with no added nutrients. Improved quality and resistance. PH = 5.5 - 6.5 EC value = 1.8 - 2.2x

PRODUCT CODE: BATMIX 13.60Plagron | Bat mix 50L x 1 695.64Plagron | Bat mix 50L x 55

All mix

A fine structured soil with worm castings designed for growing in pots. Rich in organic life for improved resistance. Short harvests can be completed with no additional nutrients PH = 5.5 - 6.5 EC value = 2.2

PRODUCT CODE: ALLMIX 11.90Plagron | All mix 50L x 1 664.02Plagron | All mix 50L x 60

Pro mix

Pro mix soil

PRODUCT CODE: PM 10.55Plagron | Pro mix soil 50L x 1 601.35Plagron | Pro mix soil 50L x 60

Seed and cutting soil

Seed and cutting soil

PRODUCT CODE: PERLITE 9.55Plagron | Seedling and cutting soil
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