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Hy-Pro TERRA soil nutrients

Growers who use HY-PRO products during the complete growing period, can expect an exuberant grow and flowering. Common potting soil contains only feeding substances for the first weeks. Most other breeding grounds also lack sufficient feeding substances. Disadvantages of garden soil Even common garden soil is not ideal, because it often contains pollutions that can harm a plant. Moreover, it is difficult to indicate the exact fertilising ingredients of this soil. A good fertilizer is prepared for this and fills in where and when necessary. The better the quality of the nutrition, the more the plant will consume. The non-consumed substances will not be a burden for the plant.The ingredients of HY-PRO Terra are of a revolutionary quality. Trace elements In order to create healthy plants it is necessary to add the needed trace elements to the soil. When HY-PRO Terra is used, the plants will react optimally to all kinds of circumstances, both in- and outdoors. Application For best results mix 5 ml Terra with 1 liter water. Add Terra to every watering. Mix thoroughly and check the EC. A desirable EC for Terra is between 1.5 and 2.2 (see diagram). For fertilized soil, keep the EC lower. If the EC is too high, add water. Lastly, check the pH value of the solution. The desirable value for soil is between 5.5 and 6.0. If the pH is too high you can lower it to desirable pH by usingHY-PRO PH-. Always follow the instructions on the label. When using soil multiple times we advise you to enrich it with extra calcium. Tip: We recommend mixing the fertilizer with water that has the same temperature as the environment. This prevents fluctuations of pH-values and EC-concentrations and stimulates optimal growth.

PRODUCT CODE: TERRANUTRIENT 9.00Terranutrient | Terra 1L 38.20Terranutrient | Terra 5L 65.00Terranutrient | Terra 10L 110.50Terranutrient | Terra 20L

Hy-Pro Hydro A+B

HY-PRO A+B hydro nutrients. Most breeding grounds contain insufficient feeding substances and trace elements. Both factors are important for plants to reach exuberant grow and flowering. The feeding substances that HY-PRO uses, have been composed in such a way that all decorative plants will react optimally under all kinds of circumstances. A good example is the two component nutrition HY-DRO A/B. The components complete each other in this most optimal fertilizer for hydro culture. Acidity and salt This high-quality product offers many additional advantages, once mixed the solution will not sink to the bottom, so there is no circulation pump needed to mix the fluid. Fluctuations in pH – and EC-values (acidity and salt concentrations) will not occur. This is essential for plants because fluctuations can influence the amount of nutrition that plants consume, which you can see in their appearance. Advantages Hydro culture offers several advantages compared with cultivating on commonpotting soil. For example, in offices hydro culture is a non-intensive and time-saving solution. The advantages are: a longer life span for plants; no acidification of the ground, simple fertilisation; always sufficient air humidity; all common decorative plants grow well on hydro culture. Application HY-DRO A/B can be administered from the second week of the flowering period of a plant, preferably followed by the use of Rootsdefender. We recommend mixing in the proportion of 1:200. This means 5 ml. (1 tsp) per litre.

PRODUCT CODE: A+B 9.65A+B Hydro | Hydro A+B 1L 41.00A+B Hydro | Hydro A+B 5L 69.75A+B Hydro | Hydro A+B 10L 118.65A+B Hydro | Hydro A+B 20L

Hy-Pro Root stimulator

During their lifecycle, plants keep facing new challenges. Each stadium has its own needs and when these are met, it leads to an optimal grow. The grower of the plant needs to adapt the nutrition of the plant to each stadium. We recommend you to start at the basis: the roots of the plant. Many-branched and healthy Plants depend on their rootstock for their food supply. They need to develop roots to be able to consume their nutrition. There fore a many-branched and a healthy rootstock ensures a good food supply.By administering HY-PRO Rootstimulator the roots can be encouraged to form a solid foundation for the plant. Preferences Of course plants prefer a healthy environment. The climate in which they grow up (in- or outdoors) is important. Also they prefer a stable pH-value of the breeding ground. For this reason HY-PRO has developed special products in our range, such as PH-. Application HY-PRO Rootstimulator can be added in the watering or the irrigation system. You can mix it together with HY-PRO Terra (for plants on soil) or HY-PRO Hydro A & B (for plants on hydro culture) in the same watering. We recommend mixing Rootstimulator with water in a proportion of 1:200. This means 5 ml. (1 tsp) Rootsdefender per litre of water. It is recommended to mix only the required quantity for one treatment.

PRODUCT CODE: ROOTSTIMULATOR 11.30rootstimulator | Root Stimulator 250ml 19.15rootstimulator | Root Stimulator 500ml 32.60rootstimulator | Root Stimulator 1L 137.80rootstimulator | Root Stimulator 5L

Hy-Pro Spraymix

Everyone can imagine the effect of a refreshing downpour on a thirsty plant. The same effect can be reached with HY-PRO Spraymix. This product provides leaves with nutrition, so they can comfortably breathe. Air humidity Plants that are cultivated indoors, are not always surrounded by enough air humidity. Especially decorative plants that originate from rainforests, prefer a constant humidity. For this reason HY-PRO has developed Spraymix. Advantages Spraymix helps plants to build up resistance for possible negative exterior influences, such as too much sunlight. Moreover, our products support the plant to develop new leaves. Application HY-PRO Spraymix contains only high-quality components. The product is unique regarding its composition and the positive effects show shortly after spraying. We recommend preparing the mix with water in the proportion of 1:200. That means 5 ml (1 tsp) Spraymix per liter water. Shake it firmly and spray it on the leaves. Use the prepared amount of Spraymix in one treatment, because the composition can change after a while.

PRODUCT CODE: spraymix 15.00Spraymix | Spraymix 250ml 25.55Spraymix | Spraymix 500ml 43.45Spraymix | Spraymix 1L

Hy-pro Terra pack

A complete starter pack containing all the Hy-pro products for growing in soil.

PRODUCT CODE: terrapack 48.90TerraPack | Terra Starter Pack

Hy-Pro Hydro pack

A complete starter pack containing all the Hy-pro products for growing in Hydro.

PRODUCT CODE: hydropack 50.25A+B StarterPack | Hydro A+B Starter Pack
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