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Toughened glass Thermostatic water/nutrient heater

Hydor theo water/nutrient heater

A top quality water/nutrient heater from hydor with shatterproof toughened glass. The ptc self limiting system guards against dry running. Comes with suction pads for ease of installation.

PRODUCT CODE: hydorheater 21.90Hydor | Heatertherm 50w 23.70Hydor | Heatertherm 100w 27.35Hydor | Heatertherm 200w 27.35Hydor | Heatertherm 150w 29.20Hydor | Heatertherm 300w

Newa Therm eco VTO

Completely submersible automatic aquarium heater. Ideal to set and maintain the correct temperature in safety and economy. Designed and built to work for a long time in marine or freshwater. Quartz tube resistant to thermal shock. Sensitive and reliable thermostat that keeps the temperature constant. Heater light and balanced, complete with robust support hooks and suckers anchor.

PRODUCT CODE: NEWAVTO 18.25Newa | Visi-therm eco VTO 50w 18.25Newa | Visi-therm eco VTO 100w 19.25Newa | Visi-therm eco VTO 150w

Newa Therm pro VTP

A fully submersible aquarium heater. Made with high performance heating element ensures safe operation because the tube with high mechanical and thermal resistance. precision during operation is provided by a micro-processor electronic temperature control set. A Bi-color LED shows the current status and function Heater.Quick and easy temperature setting, due to a temperature indicator on the top cover.

PRODUCT CODE: NEWAVTPPRO 26.20Newa | Visi-therm pro VTP 50w 27.50Newa | Visi-therm pro VTP 100w 28.00Newa | Visi-therm pro VTP 150w 28.80Newa | Visi-therm pro VTP 200w 29.50Newa | Visi-therm pro VTP 250w

Visi-therm VTX

Visi-therm VTX Heater from Aquarium Systems Newa, completely submersible automatic aquarium heater. Easy and precise setting of desired temperature, Sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains uniform temperature, Thermometer-style temperature indicator, Heating element is highly efficient and compact, Designed for extended use and complete safety.

PRODUCT CODE: AQVT 23.15Aquarium systems | Visi-therm 50w 23.15Aquarium systems | Visi-therm 100w 24.40Aquarium systems | Visi-therm 150w
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