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Vitalink max

Max is a 2 part plant nutrient containg all the essential vitamins and trace elements for healthy explosive growth. Available in grow and bloom. for best results use with vitalink additives.

PRODUCT CODE: VLMNUT 11.99Vitalink | Max bloom 1L 11.99Vitalink | Max grow 1L 32.99Vitalink | Max grow 5 litre 32.99Vitalink | Max grow 5 litre

Vitalink buddy

VitaLink Buddy is packed full of phosphite, a superior form of phosphorus. Extensive scientific trials prove that VitaLink Buddy not only helps to enhance the size of flowers, but also improve their quality.

PRODUCT CODE: VLBUDY 4.50Vitalink | Buddy 250ml 99.00Vitalink | Buddy 1L

Vitalink biopack

Enriches the water or growing media with beneficial microbes to establish a population of bacteria which help fertility by providing long term cycling of both carbon based and mineral nutrients. Promotes a healthy root zone with less stress.will enhance flavour and quality of crop.

PRODUCT CODE: VLBIOPK 12.99Vitalink | Bio pack 250 ml 32.00Vitalink | Bio pack 1 Litre

Vitalink Bbioplus

Increases root mass by up to 30% due to a mixture of plant hormones vitamins beneficial bacteria and fungi to help get the best from your plants. Improves germination and disease control. Also good for seedlings.

PRODUCT CODE: VLBIOPLS 18.99Vitalink | Bio plus 250ml 45.00Vitalink | Bio plus 1 Litre

Vitalink foliar

Foliar feed for enhanced palnt growth. Contains a unique range of micro and macro nutrients that are all easily absorbed by the plant. We recommend the use of a wetting agent with this product.

PRODUCT CODE: VLFOLIAR 19.99Vitalink | Foliar 250ml
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