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Fungas gnat

Nil Nat

Canadian Xpress Nilnat is a biological control for Fungus Gnats. It is a microscopic crystal which, when eaten by the Sciarid Fly maggots swells up in its gut perforates the gut wall and kills the maggot. Even though you use Nilnat you may still see an occasional Fungus Gnat, don’t be alarmed. The Nilnat will be working. Remember that the maggots must first eat the Nilnat for it to be effective. It doesnt kill the adults. The adult flies may still enter your growing area from other sources. In fact, Fungus Gnats have become a serious problem in nurseries and indoor growing areas all around the world. They therefore are numerous wherever it is warm enough and wherever there is moisture and food. Thats a lot of places that will support a Fungus Gnat population and provide a source of infestation for your growing area. We also recommend keeping your growing area dry and free of dead leaves, bits of soil etc.

PRODUCT CODE: CXNILNAT 19.70Canadian xpress | Nil Nat 20ml
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