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Canna Cure

CANNACURE is CANNAs first plant pest and disease controller. Developed by CANNA Research Laboratories its unlike any other plant protection product, because its also a leaf nutrient. It ensures healthier plants which can concentrate on producing big flowers and bigger yields. But its not only CANNAs scientists who are convinced of the quality of the product. Since it was introduced it has won the praise of many growers. How does it work? When you spray CANNACURE it forms a second natural skin on your plants. This layer improves leaf colour and vigour and while ensuring that the plants can still breathe. It makes them healthy shiny and clean, enabling optimal photosynthesis. This gives the plants the chance to focus on flowering. Also, any plant pests will get stuck to the sticky layer so they wont have the chance to damage the leaves. Eventually, the pests will starve to death. Combined with other CANNA nutrients and additives, CANNACURE will help your plants to resist any future infestations and diseases. How to use CANNACURE? It is very important that CANNACURE is applied thoroughly on both sides of the leaves. Use CANNACURE once a week as a preventive measure, to make sure that plant pests cannot attack the leaves. If you have a heavy infestation of mildew whitefly spider mites or mealy bugs, for example, spray every three days and repeat, if necessary after a further three days. Then continue spraying weekly as normal. CANNACURE can be used from the beginning of growth until harvesting.

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