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FORMULEX is a universal product that has a thousand uses for the hobby grower. Professionals rely on Formulex for feeding seedlings, transplants and clones. Formulex remains popular with all growers as it is cost effective and straightforward. In addition it may be used for foliar feeding and for pre-treating RockWool.

PRODUCT CODE: FORM 4.35Growth technology | Formulex 500ml 6.25Growth technology | Formulex 1L 16.50Growth technology | Formulex 5L 37.20Growth technology | Formulex 20L


Non toxic and highly concentrated Nitrozyme enhances root development and is especially good with cuttings. Can be misted over plants at any time but most effective in the early growth stage.

PRODUCT CODE: nitrozyme 7.80Growth technology | Nitrzyme 100ml 12.35Growth technology | Nitrozyme 300ml 33.00Growth technology | Nitrozyme 1L

Liquid Silicon

A soluble form of silica added to plant nutrient systems to protect plants against pests and disease. Strengthens root systems increases nutrient uptake and prevents toxic build up of nutrients.

PRODUCT CODE: liquidsilicon 7.90Growth technology | Liquid Silicon 1litre 24.50Growth technology | Liquid Silicon 5L

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid oxygen for increasing the oxygen content of nutrient solutions. Invigorates the plant and increases nutrient uptake. Can be used to clean hydro systems in between crops.

PRODUCT CODE: liquidoxygen 7.90Growth technology | Liquid Oxygen 1litre 26.65Growth technology | Liquid Oxygen 5L

Ionic Boost

Boost is a nutrient supplement designed to be used in the final few weeks before harvest. Allows the grower easy control of the extra potassium and phosphorous available which can lead to heavier yields. Boost is an ideal addition to ionic bloom but can be used with any bloom variety.

PRODUCT CODE: ionicboost 7.50Growth technology | Ionic Boost 1 litre 25.00Growth technology | Ionic Boost 2 litre 49.00Growth technology | Ionic Boost 5 litre
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