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Welcome to GroTech 


 Established in 1995, Grotech has become one of the leading hydroponic suppliers in the south east. We have seen this industry grow in the last 18 years and have an excellent knowledge of the products and how they work. We have a large range of items chosen on their reliability and value for money and new products are tested in the store before they reach our shelves. When possible we have everything in stock and well displayed in a spacious show room on private property. Friendly staff can give good advice and help you to choose the right product.

Planning your grow room

Before you buy any equipment take some time to plan your space. Things to consider are where can you make holes for extraction? What height do you have? Is the room warm or cold? What sort of access do you have? What experience do you have? What plant are you growing? and of course, what is your budget? If you take some time to consider these options, not only will you buy the right equipment, you will probably have more chance of succeeding.

The larger the room, the larger the holes needed for extraction. If you only have 4" holes then there's no point hanging up 6 lights. If you only have 5" height, then why buy 1000w lights? If you are growing in loft in summer you will need 1 or 2 sizes larger in ventilation and maybe air cooled lights. If the loft door is small then choose equipment that can be  installed easily with minimal maintenance. Have you been growing long? If not, maybe start with soil not aeroponics. How tall is the plant your growing? 5", then you need full ceiling height at least, in fact the higher the ceiling height the better, low ceilings will always be a struggle. Your budget, there are lots of options on quality but so make a list first and THINK ABOUT IT! Follow these guide lines and succeed first time.

Buying equipment

Remember, you get what you pay for! Cheap equipment costs money! When choosing equipment it's worth remembering that cheap grow lights don't yield like professional ones, so in fact they cost you money and they are certainly not reliable and safe. When you have a budget to spend, it might be worth spending more on some equipment than others. For example, why buy a cheap unbranded carbon filter when there's so much at stake? If light output is directly related to yield, who wants a cheap light or even a cheap lamp? If a bad nutrient can kill a crop, then buy from a reputable manufacturer. Why buy a tent that won't last a crop? and if your timer/contactor sticks and your lights won't turn off it's all over! Sometimes you can buy decent equipment for a few quid more so think about it, is it worth it?

Plagron NutrientsPlagron Organic mediums and nutrients  We are a major supplier of Plagron products and offer a wide range of organic nutrients, mediums and supplements.  Plagron have been making organic products for  years and we believe have the highest standard and most experience in this field.

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